Feba Communications Trust is a registered Non-Profit International media broadcasting organization established in 1974 with a vision to reach the unreached communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ in Pakistan. Feba Communications Trust is committed to transform different communities by reaching them with the message of Hope, Love, Forgiveness and Salvation in the languages of their heart. We are broadcasting on short wave radio in 4 major languages i.e. URDU, PUNJABI, SINDHI and PASHTO.

Feba is supported by churches,Christian fellowships and individuals in many lands to facilitate the listeners by speaking to them in their own language mainly by means of radio and using other allied mediums. In Pakistan shortwave FM radio is playing a vital role in transformation of the society in unreached and remote areas where many communities would have no other opportunity to learn about God’s love for them in their own language of heart.


Our values and faith statement inspired our vision of communities in Pakistan living with tolerance, harmony, love and peace.


We are focusing on the mission of using our communications expertise through various forms of media with needs oriented content that supports and involves partners to build better communities in Pakistan.


We are committed to use radio and other allied media in collaboration with our partners.


We are committed to reach the people of Pakistan with the Good News through integrated media.


We are committed to have financial integrity in all areas of the ministry, highlighting the following:

  • Our relationship with our donors and partners.
  • Practicing good stewardship in financial management.
  • Ensuring financial resources do not support child labour, child abuse, drug trafficking, human trafficking, slavery and all other forms of human exploitation, and terrorism.