This faith ministry depends solely upon the charities of the believers. Help us to meet the financial needs of the ministry through your payers and financial support. You can help us by:

  • Praying for this ministry.
  • Helping us to conduct a Sunday service in your church, so that your congregation can learn how effectively God is using this ministry for His glory.
  • Pledging monthly donations for the ministry.
  • Promoting this ministry to your family and friends so that many can listen and enjoy our programs.
  • Purchasing ministry items like, keychains, CD’s, Mugs and other items of your choice.


We believe that partnership is the best way to move forward under the slogan ‘TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT” We are always open to have partnership with organizations, NGOs and media groups who share similar vision and wanted to see communities in moderate and better shape in Pakistan.


This is our humble request to support this ministry with your prayers and donations, so that Lord may transform this part of the world through his love, hope and unchanged Word.

You can send us your cheque/Bank drafts in the name of “Feba Communications Trust” in our bank account No. 01-789882701 of Standard Chartered Bank, Haider Road, Rawalpindi – Pakistan.

For further details write to:

Feba Communications Trust

P.O.BOX.318, Rawalpindi – Pakistan

OR visit us at OR

Phone: 0092-51-5166621,0092-51-5166676