Our online broadcasts are responding us fruitfully. We started with one new Urdu program NOOR-E-SADAQAT in 2015. Now we have added 2 more programs in November, 2016. We have received many responses, emails, sms and phone calls for these programs. We are getting responses from other countries as it’s an effective and powerful tool of communication in today’s world. You can listen us at www.feba-radio.org  anywhere any time. You can also join us at our facebook page

We have also developed our mobile Apps by the name of “Febaradio” that is free to download at your Android cell phones.

One of our viewer/responded commented ‘’Iam thankful to you for your online broadcasts as they entertained us in a lively mood and bring us lot of information on different topics.Different features and segments of program are interesting and influencing us very positively, giving us hope and encouragement. ” Keep it up.


We started our FM broadcasts in 2006 and since then tremendous growth has been made through this Department. We started with recorded half an hour program in Muzaffarabad and now By the grace of God we are airing in 3 different cities with following programs:

MUZAFFARABAD SYBAN FM 105.4 Thursday 8.00pm
GUJRANWALA JAZAB-E-JAWAN FM 103.6 Wednesday 6.00pm

Our FM broadcasts are focusing on community development and transformation. We are equipping communities through training, providing them with communication skills  and bridging the gaps among different communities. We are aiming for the betterment of different communities in our target areas.