We are helping the local churches, organizations and young talents by providing them with suitable training’s as per their need to play constructive role for the betterment of the society through locally produced FM broadcasts. These groups, local churches and organizations are supporting the local communities on their own by addressing their needs and issues in a constructive and positive way.

Programs are produced in different cities of Pakistan by using different studios and are done entirely by local artists to be culturally relevant.


Many are in contact with us by emails, text messages, website and letter writing and sharing their views and life changing experiences. One of our listener recently commented on our broadcasts by saying.

‘’I am happy to have direct link with feba as it is the only radio channel who contact regularly with its audience through social media, personal meetings and correspondence. Your messages are very effective and encouraging us to bring change in our life style and thinking. Your efforts against social evils and fighting against epidemic Covid-19 are commendable. Feba is doing a great job please keep it up’’